Jasmine Melhop-Bowen Therapist


Jazzy Melhop is a highly skilled and experienced Bowen Therapist, registered with the Bowen Association Australia (BAA) and the Bowen Therapy Association Australia (BTAA) Jazzy’s extensive qualifications include a Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy, an Advanced Diploma in Specialized Bowen Therapy as well as completion of Specialised Bowen Procedures 2 – Masters in Bowen Therapy under the expert guidance of Ozzie and Elaine Rendtz. Jazzy incorporates compassion and wisdom from her previous clinical experience with trauma and eating disorders to provide a truly unique and well-rounded approach to assist with releasing the effects of both physical and emotional trauma from the body and provide relief for a wide-ranging suite of issues including bodily injury, migraines, conception, anxiety, back pain, sinus problems, body realignment and detoxification, to name a few, plus she is trained in rehabilitation and recovery techniques. Jazzy is dedicated to ongoing professional education and development, and attends regular seminars and conferences to ensure her clients receive the most current health information and begins her training as a Bowen Therapy Instructor in 2018.