Serra Caliskan – Clinical Naturopath

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Serra qualified as a Naturopath through Southern Cross University in 2010 and is trained in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. She has spent time in Northern India with small regional communities offering medical and natural health care where none is available. In Australia, she has practiced in far north Queensland clinics. Now in Brisbane, Serra looks forward to working with you and follows a vision that natural and conventional health care should be an integrated model and offered to all as standard health care.

“The body is a system that is interconnected, and as a Naturopath, I treat accordingly and individually to address the factors and causes at the root of your health problem.”


  • Bachelor of Naturopathy (BNat)
  • Member of Australian Natural Therapists Australia (ANTA)
  • Member of Complementary Medicine Association (CMA)
  • Member of National Herbalists Association Australia (NHAA)

Serra is a qualified Clinical Naturopath who uses evidence based natural medicine to address your health concerns. Her ultimate goal is to analyse and address your individual health needs and develop a treatment plan to suit you.  If you are hoping to strengthen and support your well being naturally, you are allowing yourself to look and feel the best you possibly can!

The key to excellent health is to have all the body’s natural building blocks (vitamins, minerals, nutrients) at optimal levels so it can function to the best of its ability, and therefore perform the necessary processes the body needs. When there is a disruption, for example a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or hormonal imbalance, this disturbs certain pathways therefore leading to health problems and disease.

With a professional naturopathic approach to your health, you will be treated in a way that is safe and nurturing and providing the body with what is essential. A Naturopathic approach uses natural supplements that work in harmony with the body such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, friendly bacteria along with nutritional and dietary advice to address your health issues and assist your body’s natural healing ability.

“As your Naturopath, I am here to give you the information, time, attention, treatment, direction and support that you deserve when you come to see a health professional.”


  • Nutritional medicine and Diet Plans
  • Western Herbal medicine
  • Vitamin, Mineral and nutrient therapy

Testing available:

  • Food intolerance testing – IgG antibody testing
  • Functional testing
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Acid/ Alkaline balance testing
  • Genetic testing

Serra specialises in:

  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Weight loss and Anti-Aging
  • Low immunity
  • Specific diet requirements for a number of conditions
  • High/low Cholesterol
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Stress/Anxiety management and Mood disorders
  • Sleep issues
  • Diabetes and blood sugar imbalances
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Hormonal imbalances and Fertility
  • Digestive issues such as IBS, indigestion and irregular bowels