Seeking Acupuncture Treatments in New Farm? Trust the Experienced Team of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies on Ann Street.

Compassionate care is the right of every patient. This fundamental right is the philosophy that defines Acupuncture and Natural Therapies on Ann Street – with our team striving to promote improved health for men, women, and children. We believe that true wellness impacts both the body and the spirit, and we seek to bolster them through a fusion of multi-modality treatments and individualised support.

To provide our patients with the complementary healthcare they deserve, we offer acupuncture treatments in New Farm. These treatments – which help to stimulate the body’s meridians, promoting increased blood flow and reducing pain – counter a broad range of disorders and chronic illnesses, delivering targeted relief. We also perform these treatments to the highest national standards.

The cornerstone of care is responsibility – and we conform to all compliance regulations and medical laws, ensuring that we can properly assist each patient. We pair all acupuncture treatments in New Farm with experience. Our team (led by Dr. Julie Constantine, a registered acupuncturist, and recipient of both an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science and an Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine) adheres to the requirements of the AACMA and the APHRA; and they ensure that all procedures are safely, and carefully, performed. Through this, we can better provide young and old with the treatments they need.

To learn more about our acupuncture treatments in New Farm – including our qualifications – contact us today by phone (07-3852-1688) or by email ([email protected]).