Acupuncture and Natural Therapies on Ann Street offers an incredible Deep Tissue massage experience in Fortitude Valley

If you have never experienced a Deep Tissue massage, it is guaranteed to be unlike any other massage that you have had before. At Acupuncture and Natural Therapies on Ann Street, our massage therapists will treat every client to an amazing experience in our calm and relaxing environment in the heart of Fortitude Valley.

Swedish massage is probably what most people have experienced – it feels good, relaxes and invigorates the client. Swedish massage involves kneading, long strokes, and some manipulation with tapping or gently shaking muscles and bones. It also stimulates blood flow.

A Deep Tissue massage in Fortitude Valley is slightly different. It focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It reaches sections of thick muscles at even deeper levels than traditional massage therapies and specifically reaches the individual muscle fibres. It is a very concentrated form of massage that not only relaxes but offers a deep, healing muscular therapy. It is excellent for body aches, pains and certain types of sports injuries. When your body relaxes in this way, your muscles can work in the way they are supposed to, and they are better able to heal and recover.

Deep Tissue massage can be used with other forms of complementary Chinese therapies such as cupping, to stimulate circulation, aid pain and relax muscles. Acupuncture also helps with the flow of energy, relieves pain, and relaxes the body.