A sanctuary in Fortitude Valley for Remedial Massage

You may decide that you want a massage to relax and restore your body whether for fun or to help alleviate pain or some other problem you are experiencing. Not all massages are alike, however. Did you also know that you can add various therapies to enhance your massage experience? At Acupuncture and Natural Therapies on Ann Street, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, our highly qualified and skilled practitioners will work with you on an individualised plan for your needs.

The remedial massage warms tendons and muscles that are knotted or damaged in some way. It is a holistic method of massage that will affect your entire body but also specialised to target the source of the problem. Very gentle stretching helps to accomplish this.

Our experienced practitioners know what gentle yet stimulating techniques will allow your body to heal and recover itself with this type of massage. They will use a combination of lubricating oils on your skin to aid healing. Your remedial massage in Fortitude Valley will be provided in a quiet environment with relaxing music. Your provider will make you feel comfortable along with alleviating your discomfort.

The remedial massage also may be given along with other natural therapies that we offer. We also carry a line of oils and liniments. When you call to book your appointment at Acupuncture and Natural Therapies on Ann Street, you should inquire as to what other healing therapies we may recommend for your particular situation.